Why is User Experience important?

You have a great product or concept. You want your application or web site to be used by the greatest number of end users without tying up customer support personnel handling an overload of help calls and emails.

Or perhaps you're selling products on the web and want to capture as many sales as possible. Engineering works to make it a stable platform and marketing pulls out all of the stops for getting the products or services noticed. Your investors want results.

Problems begin to surface a few months after you launch. Web log reports show that visitors are leaving your site before they purchase and resistered users are not returning. Or maybe your customer service department reports that the rate of users needing technical assistance is much higher than you had planned for. These problems are not uncommon among web sites or applications.

How many times have you used an application or visited a web site and been confused about how to perform a specific task or used an application that made your project "more" difficult? How many times have you thought to yourself, "I think this software makes my job more difficult"?