What is User Experience design?

In all web sites there is some aspect of function, similar to a client application. Whether there is a registration process, a purchase process or a full blown functional application, the
very nature of a web site is to provide some form of information gathering, information dispersal or product sales. And with the advent of web based applications, software as a service and technology improvements like

Even in a pure "branding" web site there is the need for the user to effectively navigate and have access to all of the information available.

When developing a web site or an application, these "functions" must be identified and carefully planned. In doing so the most important person to consider is the end user. Any identified function, such as purchasing a product, providing one's personal information or navigating a web site, should be as painless to
the end user as possible.

There are more appropriate times to sell or market to the end user than in the middle of a complex process. Also, it is important that the application or web site developer never assume that the end user should "get-it".

Rather than focusing strictly on the engineering aspects of
web or application development, user interface development combines techniques of various scientific, engineering and creative pursuits. These include business strategy, information architecture, interaction design, user interface design, usability,
an understanding of engineering structure and
visual design.

This combination of expertise creates an effective, rewarding, empowering and pleasant "user experience".